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Monday, October 19, 2009

Great deals; great shirts

Several of you commented that you wanted to see my purchases from the Ellembee sale I so joyously blogged about on Friday.  Although I went mainly to do some early holiday shopping, I did find 3 shirts for myself I just had to have (but since it was a sale, I don't have to feel guilty at all, right?).  I'm posting the photos of all my great buys here so you can see more of her super cute designs.  Some items were marked down because of small imperfections, others were her older designs, and others were just regular sale items.

I happily came away from the sale with 2 totes, 5 shirts, and 1 hat (which wasn't an Ellembee design, but looks very cute with all of her shirts), and 4 of those items will become holiday gifts...not too shabby!!!!

If you missed my post on Friday and you like these designs, you should definitely check out Ellembee's shop on Etsy:
She is a very talented designer and she's always adding new things to her shop ... I noticed some scarves last time I visited that I might need to give more attention to :)

In the end, I'm so glad I went, not just for the great shopping, but because I love learning from all of my fellow Etsians.  She ran a very organized sale and had a great plan for raffle prizes.  Plus, I can wear my new fortune cookie shirt when I list new paper fortune cookies on my shop (they've been a big hit for Halloween and I plan to extend the line for weddings and baby showers, etc.).

I hope you enjoyed my shopping experience!!!

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