Somethings's Fishy!
I just have to draw your attention to the cute little fishies that swim at the bottom of my page. I was so excited to find them! Feel free to feed them all day long; they never tire of eating (just click around in their pond).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Friday

No Fearless today...ALL FUN!!  It just sounds like people might need a fun thing to get them through until the weekend.  So, have your hand at Reversi above.  I'm not going to keep it up for long, but I thought you might enjoy it if you need a little break.  I loved this game when I was a kid and I got pretty excited when I just saw it.  If you've never played, it is addictive!  Have Fun!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, I'm terrible at this game. Thanks for the thought though, lol. Do you like physics games?? Check out It's got some really cute games! Happy Friday!

gigi goods said...

HaHa...apparently, I didn't ever play by the right rules when I was a kid because I'm no good either!! I'll have to try some of those different games from Fresh's link :)

PlumValleyDesigns said...

the fish at the bottom of your page are the coolest! I played with them more than the game! :)