Somethings's Fishy!
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Put my Noggin to the Bloggin'

Same old tune, right??!!!  I keep posting these apologies for slacking on my blog and I ALWAYS have a good excuse, right???!!!!  Well, I have been busy at least . . . really busy.  Among other boring, day to day things which I promise I will not tire you with, I've been busy making flowers for weddings.  I have been so thrilled that wonderful people have found me on Etsy and have had me make so many different things for their weddings, from name cards to the actual bridal bouquets.  My business just in this direction is taking off as well as I could ever have hoped for.  I actually took the big plunge and ordered business cards a few weeks ago for all of my networking . . . GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And since I put my blog down on my business cards, that gives me quite an incentive to keep this up now.  I am super excited to show you some of the wedding items I've been working on.  And I'll keep you updated with new events I'm working on . . . plus some fun extra tidbits I think you'll enjoy.  An example: Did you know there is a George, Washington (as in city and state)?  I think that is so cool!!!!!