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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Apron Giveaway

Oh, how I love great aprons!!!  I never gave them much thought until a few years ago...and ever since I have wanted a really cute one.  If you feel the same way, you have to check out this wonderful apron giveaway, hosted by The Fancy Lady:

This is the apron she showcases, but the giveaway lets you pick your favorite.  How much flirty fun is that???!!!


The Fancy Lady said...

thanks for posting this! Good luck i hope your win. I'm addicted to aprons i can't get enough of them lol. By the way i checked out your shop i love love your paper flowers and your from michigan ill be visiting there soon my boyfriend goes to school there - The Fancy Lady

French Revelation said...

These aprons make me want to start some serious cooking!

Pattie said...

I wish I had an apron :)
This one is gorgeous!d