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Monday, September 21, 2009

Something funny to get your week off to the right start

One of my fellow Etsians pointed me in the direction of this funny thread: Name one amusing thing that you've learned from your craft..."

That got me thinking about a story I have that involves art, although I was still teaching at an elementary school at the time. The art teacher had dropped off several different paper bag puppets (think Fandango puppets, but soooooooooooooo much cuter!) that my students had made in her art class. Most had names but one lone puppet did not. I thought it might have been Alexandra's since she had not claimed one yet. When I asked her, she replied with, " mom has foot fungus." Well, I didn't know what to make of that. Was she really upset and needed consoling? I just stood there dumbfounded for several seconds until she came to my rescue. She must have understood my confusion and finally told me that her puppet's name was Foot Fungus, and her mom had already picked it up earlier in the day. It just goes to show you how important naming your art can be...because I have NEVER forgotten her puppet's name after all these years :)


Anonymous said...

What in the world inspired that child to name a puppet "Foot Fungus"??? Can't point fingers, I had a doll named "Big Ol' Fire Dink". What is a Fire Dink, you ask?

I have NO idea.

designs-made-easy said...

very funny thread... i'm glad i work on a computer... not much accidents can happen there!