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Saturday, September 19, 2009

ob-la-di, ob-la-da

I have just had a couple of wonderful know the ones, where nothing in and of itself is just mindblowing, just a string of really nice events that make you feel good all over.  I won't bore you with everything but I do have to tell you of two things.
First, if you are a Beatles fan at all then I definitely suggest you listen to the newly remastered albums.  My husband just surprised me with the White Album today and it sounds great...much different than my old copied tape version I had from college:)
Second, the Martha Stewart special edition Halloween magazine is out in bookstands now.  This is one of my favorite things to look at every year even if I never get around to doing a quarter of what it shows.  I'm just happy thumbing through the photos.
I hope your weekends are happy too!


Anonymous said...

What, what? Martha's Halloween is out and I don't have it yet??? Thanks for the heads-up!
I'm so happy that you're having a groovy time. Things around my house have definitely been going from extremely good to extremely bad and back again. OH well. I'll just Let It Be.

designs-made-easy said...

i was actually looking through that magazine today! it really does have great stuff for halloween... that Martha.. hate her or lover her... you have to admit she's good